how I can help

My approach is all about collaboration and creativity.

I work closely with my clients to build and develop compelling brands, focusing on what drives their consumer, turning perceived problems into opportunities and ensuring everything I do helps to build brand loyalty.

creating new brands from scratch

I’ll work with a designer to nail down your brand values, explore your competitor landscape, define your target consumer and create a succinct brief, before developing a unique positioning and identity for your company.

refreshing & rejigging existing brands

I’ll review all your brand work to date, working out strengths and weaknesses, exploring competitor landscape, articulating brand values and really getting to the bottom of who your consumer is. I’ll then distil all this into a succinct brief, before working with a designer to tweak your current brand identity – making sure we’re bringing your consumer on the journey with us.

copywriting for established brands

I’ll write compelling, interesting, on-brand copy for your company, including websites, packaging, newsletters and marketing materials, really diving into your consumer’s mindset and focusing on key calls to action that will help generate sales.

Need more consistency, as your brand grows? I’ll analyse your positioning and all key work to date, before distilling everything down into a succinct brand book, which summarises exactly what you stand for as a brand. This invaluable document will include tone of voice guidelines, a company manifesto and a concise consumer portrait which really explores your consumer’s motivations. Having a brand book will ensure your brand remains consistent and recognisable, as more people inside and outside the business begin creating content on your behalf.